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These are the reviews for Paul McCartney's solo albums.

My rating system is as follows: 1 is poor, 2 is good, 3 is excellent, 4 is must have, and 5 is Classic.

Flowers In The Dirt


"My Brave Face" starts off this album on a high note. This song highlights Macca's love for Linda. The question is, how can we get along without our loved-ones? "Rough Ride" slows things down a bit, another "love" song. No too bad, not great. "You Want Her Too" is a duet with Elvis Costello. Nothing to write home about. A "lite" blues number. Next is the slow moving and mello "Distractions". More about the domestic side of Macca's life. "We Got Married" a bit more upbeat. Not too objectionable. "Put It There" is simply beautiful. Paul asks a loved one to share their burdens. This song has everything he does well. Short and sweet, nothing extra. "Figure Of Eight" is a light rocker. This song extolls the virtures of being in love. "This One" moves along briskly with some nice transitions. Typical McCartney song. In other words, "good". "Don't Be Careless Love" is a decent number. "That Day Is Done" is a bit of a drinking song. Of interest to Stones fans is that Nicky Hopkins plays piano on this one. "How Many People" lements the fact that we all may not get our fifteen minutes. "Motor Of Love" is a decription of Paul's love for Linda, it's a slow and lumbering song. "Ou Est Le Soleil" some backtracking, some drum machines, a foreign phrase and disco elements. Just plane silly.

The final word on this one is...the feelings and emotion are clearly evident on this outing. In fact, this may be among his most effective in expressing these feelings. The presentation throw me off. McCartney plays it too safe. If you don't have it, wait a while.