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Here are reviews of The Beatle Albums in no special order. Cover art scans are of the cd's and may not appear as the originals. My scanner is not large enough for the lps. I will be adding original cover art as I am able to obtain them. I will be dealing with the UK realeases for now, because the US versions do have the intended songs. Generally, US albums had two less "cuts".

My rating system is as follows: 1 is poor, 2 is good, 3 is excellent, 4 is must have, and 5 is Classic.

Rubber Soul

Released December 1963


"Rubber Soul" in this reviewers opinion is the first real Beatle album. I mean to say The Beatle were given the freedom to "let their hair down". Beatle-mania was in full swing and this is the first of the so-called "studio albums," Let's explore the music now. The first song is the pleasant but silly "Drive My Car". One wonders exactly the incident that inspired this song. A classic Beatle song in structure. The next song "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" a bold expierment for the lads. Sitar accompanying the flawless guitar contrasts nicely. "You Won't See Me" is a Paul song. Excellent work here, in addition to the rest of the band providing vocals, Paul backs himself up in an effective manner. It's John's turn with "Nowhere Man" excellent use of vacals and rhythm. The druming in this song personifies the say that goes like this, "sometimes it's what you leave out that counts." In other words understated to perfection. "Think For Yourself" features George. A bit of cynicism is apparent. A good song, not classic. "The Word" is another "John" song. A fine song. Noteworthy is the excellent bass work. Paul is up next with the overly-sappy "Michelle". "What Goes On" carries a writing credit for Ringo. Ringo sings and his country leanings emerge again. This song is not painful to listen to. Guitar work is superb. The next cut is "Girl" and John sings with soul. The backing chats of "tit, tit, tit" are a puzzling addition to the song. "I'm Looking Through You" is okay. "In My Life" again has the understated quality that the Beatles are famous for. "Wait" seems hurried and unfocused; howver. there is some bactracking. "If I Needed Someone", another George Number. This is one of my favorite Harrision songs, "Run For Your Life" is filled with needlessly violent lyrics. I understand the hyperbole involved, simile and all that, but wow!

While this is not one the best albums It is certainly noteworthy in that would become a hint of the things to come in the "studio" years. The Beatles broke some ground here. This truly was an "album" and it would forever change the way we look at records.